Featuring Star Trek's first female lead as Captain Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew), the Starship Voyager in her premiere "The Caretaker" was sent on a mission into the "Badlands" to capture a renegade group of Federation colonists fighting a guerrilla war with both the Federation and the Cardassian Empire called the Maquis. She and the Maquis raider she was tracking were inadvertently thrown into the Delta Quadrant - over 75,000 light years from home - by the mysterious entity known as the "Caretaker." By the end of this spectacular premiere, Janeway in textbook fashion would not disobey the Prime Directive to interfere with the Caretaker and return the ship home. Now stranded, the Starfleet crew and Maquis crew must integrate to face the long, virtually hopeless journey home.

Kathryn Janeway

Prior – Science officer under Adm. Paris on the U.S.S. Al-Batani, Arias mission.

2371 – Given command of U.S.S. Voyager, new Intrepid-class Starship. Ship disappeared in Badlands during mission to pursue Maquis ship.

2374 – Re-established contact with Starfleet via alien relay station, reporting that Voyager is stranded in Delta Quadrant and most of crew is still alive.

2378 – Commanded Voyager back to Earth by way of Borg transwarp conduit. Promoted to Admiral shortly thereafter.

Bio-Psychological Profile: Report of Starfleet Medical/Counselor's Office.

Voyager Alert

Noncorporeal extragalactic life-forms. The Nacene originated outside of our galaxy and exist as pure sporocystian energy who can travel through subspace, although they can manifest themselves in solid humanoid form. A group of Nacene explorers visited our galaxy a millennium ago, accidentally devastating the environment of the Ocampa planet in the Delta Quadrant.

Two Nacene individuals, one known as the Caretaker, and another called Suspiria, remained behind to care for the Ocampa.


O Guardião Suspiria

Nacene Caretaker Array


The Crew

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The Crew


Captain Kathryn Janeway - Kate Mulgrew

First Officer, Commander Chakotay - Robert Beltran

Security Officer, Lt. Cmdr Tuvok - Tim Russ

Chief Engineer, Lt. B'Elanna Torres - Roxanne Biggs-Dawson

Helmsman, Lt. Tom Paris - Robert Duncan McNeill

Operations Officer, Ensign Harry Kim - Garret Wang

Emergency Medical Holographic Doctor - Robert Picardo

Neelix - Ethan Philips

Kes (departed "The Gift," Season 4) - Jenifer Lien

Seven of Nine (arrived "Scorpion II," Season 4) - Jeri Ryan

Creative Staff

Creators - Rick Berman, Michael Piller, Jeri Taylor

Executive Producers - Rick Berman, Brannon Braga

Supervising Producer - Robin Burger

Creative Consultant - Michael Piller

Writers (regulars) - Brannon Braga, Kenneth Biller, Joe Menoksy,

Michael Taylor, Bryan Fuller

Robert Doherty, Robin Burger. (non-regulars include but not limited to, Jimmy Diggs

Eric Stillwell, Michael Piller (seasons 1 & 2), Rick Berman, Jeri Taylor)

Directors (including but not limited to) - Winrich Kolbe, Robert Picardo,

Cliff Bole, LeVar Burton, Jonathan Frakes, Les Landu, Kim Friedman, David Livingston,

Robert Duncan McNeil


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