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+ Page 9 ,+ Page 10 ,+ Page 11 ,+ Page 12 Award - 27 June 2004.

I have reviewed your web site and given it the rank of captain.
Only 1 other site has been given the rank of captain please display it on your site with pride and link it back to mine.

Also I regret to inform you that your award is the last award I will give out for a while.
owner of The Bridge

Supernova Award - 23 June 2004

Your site has won the Supernova Award - the highest ranking award. Your site is amazing!
Katrin L Star Trek Voyager Info

MJ's Star Trek Portal Award - 18 June 2004.

I have reviewed your site for my award.
Your site has won MJ's Star Trek Portal LCARS Integrity Award Level Four (out of four).

The Phantasm Award - 14 June 2004.

After being nominated your site has been reviewed and has been awarded the Phantasm award.
The Phantasm Award is given for the following:

1) Excellence in web design.
2) Sites designed to be original and creative.
3) Well designed sites that show future promise.
4) Sites that use graphics effectively.
5) Sites and have cool graphics.
6) Sites looking to increase traffic.

The Phantasm Award follows in the footsteps of other web awards in promoting friendliness across the web.
By giving the Phantasm Award to you, not only am I saying you have a really cool site, but I want my page to be linked to your page as well.
When we have more links, we all get more traffic and isn't that the ultimate goal??
What's the point of a website if no one gets to experience everything you have to offer

June 2004 - Outpost Site of the month - May 2004.

A very proud moment for me, my first award in that I was awarded Site of the month by


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