The Enterprise (registry number: NCC-1701-D) is the most advanced of all the previous Starships named Enterprise, and was launched in 2363 from starfleet's Utopia Planitia Yards, and placed under the command of Captain Jean Luc Picard on a mission of deep space exploration and diplomacy.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard

2333 Assigned as commander and first officer on U.S.S. Stargazer, later promoted to captain after death of his superior in battle
2355 Forced to abandon Stargazer after encounter with then-unknown Ferengi, with few casualties
2356 Cleared of negligence in Stargazer loss by routine inquiry
2363 Chosen to command relatively new Galaxy-class U.S.S. Enterprise-D
2364 Offered but turned down promotion to admiral as commandant of Starfleet Academy
2366-7 Declared missing in action during Borg invasion, later rescued from assimilation and returned to Enterprise command
2369 Assigned to covert raid and captured by Cardassians on Celtris III, later returned to Enterprise command
2371 Lost Enterprise-D at Veridian III while opposing El-Aurian scientist Tolian Soran
2372 Chosen to command relatively new Sovereign-class U.S.S. Enterprise-E, SD 49827.5
2373 Deflected Borg invasion of Earth; risked further contamination to restore Borg temporal sabotage of human first contact

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Jean-Luc Picard - Patrick Stewart

William Thomas Riker - Jonathan Frakes

Data - Brent Spiner

Geordi LaForge - LeVar Burton

Worf - Michael Dorn

Beverly Crusher - Gates McFadden

Deanna Troi - Marina Sirtis

Wesley Crusher - Wil Wheaton

Tasha Yar - Denise Crosby


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