Season 3

September 26, 1994 - June 19, 1995

47. The Search, Part I -- Hoping to negotiate peace with the Dominion before they launch an invasion of the Alpha Quadrant, Sisko takes a prototype Federation Starship into the Gamma Quadrant to seek the Founders of the Dominion.

48. The Search, Part II -- While Odo searches for his roots on a rogue planet in the Gamma Quadrant, Sisko must discover why Starfleet plans to sign a bogus treaty with the Dominion.

49. House of Quark -- The accidental death of a Klingon in Quark's bar leads the Klingon's family to chase Quark down and force him into a marriage with the widow.

50. Equilibrium -- An imbalance between Dax's symbiont and host causes a rift in her personality that places her life in danger.

51. Second Skin -- The Cardassians kidnap Kira and tell her she is really an undercover Cardassian operative whose appearance had been altered and memory erased.

52. The Abandoned -- When an orphaned Jem'Hadar finds its way onto the station, Odo attempts to alter its violent nature.

53. Civil Defense -- A buried anti-takeover program seizes control of DS9 and threatens the station with annihilation.

54. Meridian -- Dax falls in love with a man on a phase-shifting world which may be on the verge of extinction. Back on the station, Quark tries to fill a "special order" holosuite program.

55. Defiant -- During a seemingly routine visit to the station, Commander Riker steals the Defiant and invades Cardassian space with dangerous intentions.

56. Fascination -- A mysterious virus causes the DS9 characters to begin falling in love with each other on sight.

57. Past Tense, Part I -- Sisko, Bashir and Dax find themselves lost in the 21st century just days before a pivotal moment in Earth's history.

58. Past Tense, Part II -- The temporally displaced Starfleet officers must ensure history plays out correctly after having disrupted the time line with their presence.

59. Life Support -- En route to DS9 to complete peace negotiations with the Cardassians, a shuttle accident critically injures Vedek Bareil. Bashir performs an experimental procedure in hopes of saving Bareil's life.

60. Heart of Stone -- While tracking a Maquis terrorist on a rocky planet, Kira becomes trapped in a crystal that begins growing around and enclosing her body.

61. Destiny -- Sisko finds his role as Emissary tested when a Bajoran prophecy states a mission with disastrous consequences lies at hand.

62. Prophet Motive -- Quark must determine why Grand Nagus Zek has become a free-wheeling philanthropist.

63. Visionary -- A large dose of radiation causes O'Brien to be pulled several hours into the future, where he witnesses his own death and worse.

64. Distant Voices -- An alien attack leaves Bashir in a coma where he must utilize individual components of his personality to fight death.

65. Through the Looking Glass -- Sisko must ally himself with the rebels of a parallel universe to free humanity from slavery.

66. Improbable Cause -- An attempt on Garak's life leads Odo to investigate what may be one small piece of a very large, dangerous and startling puzzle.

67. The Die Is Cast -- As a combined fleet of Romulan and Cardassian ships travel into the Gamma Quadrant to carry out a first strike against the Dominion, Sisko organizes a dangerous mission to search for Odo.

68. Explorers -- Sisko and son Jake embark on an adventure to prove ancient Bajorans had the capability of interstellar space travel.

69. Family Business -- When Quark's mother has been discovered earning profit, he must confront her or risk losing his entire business.

70. Shakaar -- Kira becomes a fugitive when she rejoins Shakaar, the leader of her resistance cell from the Occupation, in defiance of Kai Winn's attempts to reclaim property belonging to the Provisional Government.

71. Facets -- Jadzia undergoes her Zhian'tara, the Trill Rite of Closure, in which the previous hosts of her symbiont borrow the bodies of her friends and offer insights into her own personality.

72. The Adversary -- On patrol of the Tzenkethe border, the Defiant is taken over by a Changeling spy who intends to start a war between the Tzenkethe and the Federation by launching an offensive on their territory.



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